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At the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club, and its affiliated websites, we collect and maintain a database of information, which our members provide to us, including but not limited to name, address, e-mail address, phone numbers, and user names. This information is available only to authorized administrators. Some information is not accessible at all, e.g., personal passwords, due to encryption. The CCABC may use this information to contact its members and promote the Club and its activities. The CCABC does not authorize the sale or sharing of this information. Should any administrator/member sell, share, or use this collected information inappropriately he/she will be held responsible for their actions, not the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club.

Please understand that when you click on any link from any of the CCABCs sites, you are leaving the domains which we operate. You are advised by the CCABC to review the policies of these other sites.

Only adults 18 years of age and older are permitted to access these Sites. The CCABC does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13. Should you as a parent or guardian become aware of a situation where this information has inadvertently been provided please contact the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club and we will remove said information from our database.

The primary function of the CCABC Trading Dock is to be a service for members to buy or sell a boat or find parts and services. There are secondary benefits in allowing access to non-members. First, it will vastly expand the number and diversity of offerings of the Trading Dock. Second, it brings higher visibility to the Club by increasing web traffic which will hopefully translate into increased memberships. Third, it will hopefully provide additional revenue from ad sales both online and in The Brass Bell.

To keep member interests first, guidelines are necessary to keep focus on the Club’s mission.

Private sellers only

  • All boats listed must carry a personal contact name and exclude carrying dealer or brokerage business name.
  • The contact information must be a personal phone number and personal email.
  • There will be no hotlinks or references to other websites where boats are sold or traded.


  • Ten images of 10MB each is the limit. Sellers are encouraged to offer additional photos by contacting the seller at the email address provided. URL’s to commercial sites are not allowed.
  • Photos will not be offensive. CCABC TD administrators will be sole judges of what is offensive. In general, photos will not communicate anything that could be interpreted as political, sexual, racial, religious, or demeaning to others.

Ad copy

  • CCABC does not intend to correct writing styles but reserves the right to correct obvious mistakes in writing. As with the photos, no offensive text will be posted. CCABC TD administrators will be sole judges of what is offensive. In general, text will not communicate anything that could be interpreted as political, sexual, racial, religious, or demeaning to others.
  • Ad copy should avoid naming commercial entities, brokerages, dealerships, etc. Unless it is used to illustrate where restoration or maintenance was done which is added as a selling point.
  • It is the responsibility of the seller to read the ad after it is posted to be sure it presents as intended. Since editing can be done and reposted without additional review, CCABC cannot be responsible for changed content but should be on watch as best as possible for reported concerns.

Boat Manufacturers, Types and Vessel Age

  • CCABC Trading Dock will accept any vintage manufacturer.
  • CCABC Trading Dock will accept any hull material.
  • CCABC Trading Dock will accept non-powered boats i.e. canoes, sailboats, rowboats.
  • Vessels shall be a minimum of 25 years or older and meet the definition set by The Antique & Classic Boat Society, on what is considered a “Classic.” Exceptions to the 25-year rule are reproductions and replicas that are crafted in the spirit of the originals, and any late model Chris-Craft up to present day.


Other items Miscellaneous, Wanted or Free

  • Items listed must be related to the antique boat hobby in some way. Vintage cars and trucks for example are unrelated items unless being sold with a boat. CCABC TD administrators will be sole judges of what is related.
  • Businesses requesting ads that do restorations, repairs, hardware and fasteners, hauling, surveying, boat lettering, upholstery, and other things related to the care and maintenance of vintage vessels are to be referred to the Resources page of the CCABC website.


Advertising disclaimer for the CCABC website and The Brass Bell

The CCABC website and The Brass Bell publication contain advertisements for information, products, and services that are provided by third parties. The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club (CCABC) makes no representations or warranties about the suitability of information, products or services contained on these advertisements for any purpose. Inclusion of such information, products, and services does not constitute CCABC’s recommendation or endorsement.

The CCABC reserves the right at its absolute discretion, and at any time, to cancel any advertising order or reject or remove any advertising copy in connection with any Service, whether or not the same has already been acknowledged, accepted and/or previously published, displayed, performed or transmitted (collectively referred to herein as “Published” or “Publish”), including, but not limited to, for reasons relating to the content of the advertisement or any technology associated with the advertisement, or for convenience.

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