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Re: Minutes of Board Meeting May 4, 2016

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Re: Minutes of Board Meeting May 4, 2016

Post by macaluso » Tue May 10, 2016 12:10 pm

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club (CCABC)

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting (telephonic)
4 May 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Al Benton at 8pm EDT.

All board members were present except Jeff Rogers and Andy Riggs.

This was a special meeting to approve several outstanding items.

Note that Treasurer Andy Riggs copied all Directors with a financial report prior to this meeting showing a present cash position exceeding $60,000.00 at present with $0.00 outstanding payables. Future payables will include website work and the normal Brass Bell design and printing expense.

A. Lorraine Negley of Catalyst Communications (publisher of the Brass Bell) attended at the invitation of President Al Benton to present several updated web page formats for selection. She had narrowed down several drafts with the web site update committee and needed Board approval to move forward.
The Board reviewed and unanimously approved the new web pages which will now go into formal production and will appear on the internet within approximately 90 days (sooner if possible).
Board members were assigned the task of proposing wording for placement on the new web pages in an earlier email.

Action Item: Propose web page wording
Action Officer: Assigned Board Members
Estimated Completion Date: 9 May 2016
Status: Open

VP Jim Frechette will then work with our Editing staff and Lorraine to finalize the wording to accompany the new photo format for each page.

B. The Board approved a $1,275.00 maximum budget to reprogram our CCABC Web Page to allow members free use of the Trading Dock. Lorraine Negley will have this accomplished in approximately 2 weeks. This work does not include any visual design or visual changes, and will not affect the Catalyst’s schedule for other website design work.

C. Boat Buzz monitoring. The Board wanted to institute a system where Board members would be alerted to new Boat Buzz postings so as to be able to respond to new postings in a timely manner. A system of having a new posting trigger a text alert was discussed. President Al Benton agreed to research such a system.

Action Item: Text message alert
Action Officer: Al Benton
Estimated Completion Date: Unknown
Status: Open

A. Social media. Discussion addressed adding social media connections to our new website. The Board felt that a call for volunteers from the membership might be needed to obtain the technical expertise to make these connections suitable for promoting the CCABC. This will include recommendations for updating and improving our use of our present Facebook Group. Stand by for a potential request to the membership.

B. Facebook. Board member Troy Hersom agreed to load photos and brief teasers from upcoming Brass Bell magazines to our Facebook page in anticipation of the magazine mail out.

The 4 May 2016 BOD meeting of the CCABC was closed at 9:16 pm EDT.

Note: Several open items from the 18 January 2016 BOD meeting were not discussed due to time constraints. The Board felt the web page approval decision for our updated web page initiative was clearly paramount as the 2016 boating season opens. The open items from January will be followed up at a later meeting.

Respectfully Submitted
Robert T. Macaluso
Secretary, CCABC

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Re: Minutes of Board Meeting May 4, 2016

Post by quitchabitchin » Wed May 11, 2016 8:53 pm

Attention All Members!!!!

Please read the Announcement on the CCABC Home Page regarding Trading Dock. We feel this will be an added benefit that will bring more value to your membership and the Club as a whole. Thank you all for renewing your membership, we couldn't do it without you.

Andy Riggs-CCABC Treasurer

P.S. The next edition of the Brass Bell is at the printer and will be in your mailbox very soon, except your's Matt Fine, your Postman has to read it first.

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