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Got any pre-loved boat stands?

Repair, or reconstruction. Gelocat or structural fiberglass. If it's hull related, you'll find it here

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Got any pre-loved boat stands?

Post by Scalrik » Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:15 pm

The project for the Fall is to raise the Clubhouse off the homespun trailer she's on and get the trailer road-worthy.

I'm figuring I need two of the taller "straight" stands (28-46") to place under the stern. I think two "wedge" stands (15-27") can go at the bow, and about six shorter, "straight" stands (18-25") should cover the keel.

Anyone who might have "pre-loved" Brownell (or similar) stands for sale (or know anyone who does), please contact me offline.

Scot Kienzlen
"The Clubhouse"
[email protected]
973-945-1401 (NJ)

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