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Extended primary drive shaft housing

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Extended primary drive shaft housing

Post by Warvette » Sun Oct 30, 2022 2:03 pm

Chris Craft used these housings to move the engine forward 3 1/8 inch than a one piece flywheel cover with drive shaft built in. My set up is a 350 Chevy with 12 3/4 inch diameter flywheel. Borg Warner coupler bolts to flywheel. Borg Warner flywheel cover that the primary drive shaft housing bolts to. I have heard these called Borg Warner/Volvo Penta adapter. Also called or used by Donzi, Eaton , Holman Moody, Glastron. Not sure why they needed to move the engine forward. Maybe some performance issue?
My 1971 Chris Craft XK22 used this extended primary drive shaft housing with Borg Warner splines in forward end of shaft and in guessing Volvo Penta 10 splines on aft end of drive shaft that couples to 10 spline universal on Volvo Penta 270 sterndrive. I’m wanting to convert to a Volvo Penta 290 DP-B which has a 26 spline universal joint. I have heard that I can change out this universal on 290 to a 10 spline, but they are hard to find. With this conversion project, it was my intention to upgrade and modernize drive system to be accessible to parts in the future . It’s tough enough now.
I’m looking to find another primary drive housing like mine with a 26 spline shaft or find someone that knows the correct shaft for my housing or there is a machine shop that can manufacture a shaft for my housing. This is a two bearing housing with forward bearing a 6007 JEM SKF and seal is 13966 SKF, and rearing bearing is 6006 JEM SKF with seal.
Any info in finding the right person or shop would help in moving this project forward . Thanks, Warvette

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