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Rough Condition & Worsening...

Framing, planking and fairing. Repair, or reconstruction. If it's hull related, you'll find it here.

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Rough Condition & Worsening...

Post by jcbowler » Sun Feb 14, 2021 3:51 pm

Hello guys, I have a 31-ft, 1953 CC Sedan Cruiser. I have to re-do everything...
does anyone have experience with splicing the planks on and around the step on the helm side of my boat? The Rib has been compromised as well as the battens... I'm thinking that the best way for the planks is to butt-joint w/cleats. However I have this nice piece of African Mahogany for which I have no idea as to whether or not this is correct? I just heard the word "Mahogany" and shelled out $150 for it and we've been together ever since...

Since then the boat sunk, and I it was the combination of a freak storm and a failed bilge pump switch on it's 14-month that met me with the task of re-floating my boat and now even more work. So my 12-volt system needs revamping, and I'd like to repower with some reliable Diesel Power, bigger than my budget right now... I'm trying to fix the critical things first and protect what is left, but the boat right now is in a sea water harbor, and I think that has actually helped to preserve the wood.... But again, I've never had it out of the water so we will see...

I need to get this rotten compromised section done so that I can haul out. I'm pretty sure the worst damage is exactly at the point at which they'd want to put the 'haulout strap", So I'm trying to save this boat, I love this boat Which shall be "re-christened" "Myrtle-Mae" and all of the stellar workmanship that went into it prior to me and hopefully from me will be forever remembered and honored by her most beautiful namesake "Myrtle-Mae".... I was going to post a pic here but couldn't figure out how to do it... .

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Re: Rough Condition & Worsening...

Post by Don Vogt » Thu Feb 18, 2021 10:16 am

that's a great looking model. As far as I know, cc never used african mahagony, but only phillipine. Generally african is darker with a more pronounced figurative grain pattern. You can check it out by looking at century runabouts, for example. If it is part of the painted area of the boat it shouldnt matter.

i would think trying to do repairs in the water may be problematic. Perhaps someone skilled at larger boat repair might be able to advise whether some temporary bracing, or whatever, might suffice to get the thing out of the water and on to a trailer?

Do send pictures as you proceed with repairs. Good luck.
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