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CPES vs. Interlux 1026 sealer

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CPES vs. Interlux 1026 sealer

Post by JacobErdey » Wed Nov 27, 2019 12:17 pm

I'm sure there will be varying opinions on this, but what is the safest route to take to seal after staining? I had no hesitations in mind about applying CPES onto the stain as a sealer until I heard some stories of it occasionally seeping below the stain and causing somewhat of a bubbling effect. And the Interlux 1026 seems to basically serve the same purpose with less side effects? I have no problem going with CPES as originally intended, just wanted some experienced input if available. I've finished cabinets my whole life with oil stain and lacquer finish, but this is my first experience with filler stain and epoxy sealer.
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Re: CPES vs. Interlux 1026 sealer

Post by Bilge Rat » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:20 pm

I have only used the CPES product for sealing stain on the boats as well as sealing bare wood for primer/paint. I can only state that once applied, if you have to strip off the stain (I had stained some pieces the wrong color!) it will be very tough, tougher than if you had just used stain only. The CPES provides an excellent base for the varnish and the same adhesion will provide a better retention of the initial varnish build coat. I never experienced any bubbling.
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