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Correct Fastener Type

Bronze, stainless, chrome or steel. If you need information about the non-wood items on your Chris-Craft, pose your questions here.

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Correct Fastener Type

Post by gallagh59 » Wed Nov 05, 2014 1:57 pm

I'm installing the chrome on the deck and stern of my 1959 Chris Craft Continental. Does anyone have information on the original fasteners used? Stainless steel, Brass or Bronze, chrome plated? Flathead Phillips or Oval head??? Wood screws or machine screws???



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Re: Correct Fastener Type

Post by mbigpops » Wed Nov 05, 2014 2:56 pm


I can only speak for my 1953 CC but all chrome items get chrome plated, silicon bronze, , oval head, frearson screws.

Most items are wood screws but some may be machine screws. In my case the only machine screws were for the center windshield bracket to support the case where someone may grap onto it to stand up. In order to tell you would have to look at the original king plank and see if it had through holes drilled in that location.

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