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Final varnish coat?

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Final varnish coat?

Post by Judge1948 » Tue Aug 13, 2019 2:38 pm

What I’ve done so far:
This was a revarnish of a 10 year old varnish application and is merely to bring the boat up to par and repair the effects of previous negligence and mistreatment. If this last coat is good enough to run for a couple seasons, I am ok with varnishing again here in a couple years or so. I sanded the old finish thoroughly, restained, applied two coats of 50/50 varnish with sanding in between, then applied an uncut coat of varnish. I’ve been rolling with foam rollers then tipping with a brush on the deck and rails. I’ve got some experience with varnish from the transom I redid 2 years ago but I brushed it completely and had very good results. I have learned from the mistakes I’ve made and have done my best to fix them, but I’m trying to avoid that trial and error on my final coat(s).

Finishing Materials:
Varnish – Captains 2015 spar
Seam Caulking – Sikaflex
Paint – Pettit Epoxy paint
Thinner- Pettit 120

Some of my issues and concerns:
I encountered some small wrinkles after first full strength coat, so I waited for them to dry and scraped away whatever did not dry days later and sanded the area. I’m also afraid some caulking and stripes are a little proud. After taping for stripes, the boat spent a short time in the sun so when the tape was lifted after paint and caulk, a paper-like, thin layer of varnish came up in 2-5 inch patches in a few areas. I removed all lose varnish spots sanded edges smooth with 220 grit. Didn’t feel that the sanding was a white out but not incomplete by any means. I have since gone over it with a scotch pad based on a previous recommendation, however this recommendation came from someone looking at the previous finish that was in much rougher condition.

I have a few questions before I move forward:
Is my scotch pad surface prep rough enough or should I consider some general sanding with 220?
What strength varnish/thinner mix should I end with?
Will the areas that aren’t complete white out sanded, like the 2” space underneath the front bow on the foredeck, be ok?
My major concern is that I will encounter more issues on this next coat either when the boat hits the sun or when it is in use. Also temps here climb into upper 80’s low 90’s during the day, so trying to do this early in the morning. I do have help to speed up roll and tip method. I do have pictures of each stage if it would help. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Final varnish coat?

Post by tkhersom » Wed Aug 14, 2019 9:31 am

Sounds like you are on the right path to me.

I tend to use 320 grit for my last coats so the scotch pad should be fine as long as you are breaking the gloss.

Final coats are always touchy. If I recall correctly I like to thin to about a nine drip consistency. (Stir with a paint stirrer and lift out of the varnish. Count the number of drips that come off the tip.)

Good luck!!! :D
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