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Filler Stain in Europe

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Filler Stain in Europe

Post by tomjorgensen » Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:34 am

I have tried to get hold of either Interstain, Sandusky Filler Stain or Gel Stain in Norway, but to no avail.
None of these products are marketed in Scandinavia, and no distributor is willing to ship. This includes Jamestown, Amazon, eBay and others.
I guess the reason being that this is flammable stuff (hazmat), and not allowed to be sent by air transport.
Are there anyone to there who has solved this problem?
I really want to use a filler stain when refinishing my CC Express Cruiser, but for now it seems to be impossible.
Any tips received with thanks!
Tom Jorgensen, Norway

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