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AC Cabin Lights

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AC Cabin Lights

Post by drginseng » Mon Feb 09, 2015 3:04 am

Before changing my original ship/shore switch to a breaker panel, all my lights and outlets worked. I had two original wire casings going to AC source- one from each side.

At the time, I assumed one was outlets and one was lights. Turns out they're both outlets- one for each side. The light fixture wiring goes into a collar and into the helm. It then merges into a large harness. I don't see any leads coming out to heat up at a breaker. I can't figure out how they were heated up prior to changing the breaker panel.

I'm going to be installing new wiring w/ ground and would like to route as original, but where do the wires emerge from the harness??? I don't want to cut the harness open. Suggestions? Thoughts?

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