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Seasport 16

Posted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 8:43 pm
by Bruce Reynolds
G'day from Sunny Tasmania,

Thought I had better show you pictures of my own boat, a Seasport 16 that I purchased in Auburn NY in 2008.

It was found in a pretty sad state, well, actually didn't look that bad, until I removed the wet carpet, and found it necessary to totally remove the wood. The Carpenter Ants were having a lovely time. It appeared to have last been registered in 2001 and had suffered many years of outside storeage. Even the trailer was in reasonable condition.

A tree had fallen onto the covering, and squashed the aluminium-framed windscreen, but didn't damage anything else.

I had to strip it out completely to get it ready for shipping home.

One of the oddities I have found when researching my boat is that the Colour seems to be unusual, but it is definitely original.

I have changed a couple of things when rebuilding, and that is to do with the storeage and engine cooling.

Firstly, I created a pair of centre lifting up flaps in the floor, between the seats, where I can carry heavy stuff, like anchor, extra fuel in Jerry Cans, and rope.

The next thing was that seeing as this vessel was now going to be a Salt Water vessel, I had to modify the cooling system to a closed system, and this meant modifying the Thermocondevelvo system completely. Since adding a heat exchanger, and header tank, I have not suffered any cooling problems whatsoever, and also the salt water is kept away from the engine internals. The power plant is the Buick 225 cu in Nail Head V6, and all that was required was a basic rebuild, with the main problem being the Mud Daubers filling the Alternator, and cleaning out rotten petrol deposits out of the fuel system.

I have been through some heavy conditions, and the handling is beautiful. It turns on a sixpernce (in its own length) or a dime for USA readers, and I have had water over the roof on a number of occasions, which wasn't pretty, but down here, the swells, even in the Derwent River can get heavy.

Bruce Reynolds

Re: Seasport 16

Posted: Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:26 pm
by joanroy
Nice save Bruce! Very interesting history goes along with the development of those early tri-hulls. Known for their great sea keeping and handling. Don't know about the colors offered, but the yellow/gold looks appropriate for the era. Happy Boating!