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Leaky bottom

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Leaky bottom

Post by Bismarck » Mon May 24, 2021 10:52 am

Hello, I have a decent amount of water coming into my boat after about 30 minutes of running. I would say about an inch or maybe an inch and a half. It clears out once I get onto a plane because of the venturi system in the back. The electric bilge pump only kicks in when the weight is transferred to the front. Is this an abnormal amount of water? I am new to wooden boats. A local chapter told me the bottom needs to soak and recommended me putting a garden hose in it while its in storage and allowing 5 inchs of water to accumulate and allowing it to sit for three days before emptying it. Its 17 feet long and has a beam of 7 feet so that would be roughly 30 cubic feet of water or 1700 lbs of water. This seems like a lot to me. I have already climbed around inside and cant find a leak, but when it is running it does appear to be coming from the chime. Any advice?

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