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1961 seaskiff 42foot customreborn

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1961 seaskiff 42foot customreborn

Post by 61seaskiff42 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 4:56 pm

I wonder is there anymore of these out there that any one knows for sure exist .This is the boat w/ the reverse raked wind shield . How about the club members you guys seem to know whats out there and whats what. I finally decided to paint herthe original paint scheme !!! :D :D :D I look at the photos and the ad that I got for the 1961 year and ponder what adventures she has had all her life . She sits proud on the hard waiting to be reborn . I have strong feelings for these old boats especially those that are rare .Once they are destroyed they are gone for ever . Sure you could remake one , thats not the same!!!!!!!!My uncle worked at richardson boats in summer while attending college and told me stories of the pride that the craftsman put in there boats . The thought that went into the design of a 61 custom sea skiff is awesome . Well I will stop rambelling on Let me know what guys hear or your opinions and thoughts.Let me know what you guys are thinking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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