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Post by kenmarx » Sun May 05, 2013 8:08 pm

ran the 350 on dyno today, standard rotation engine, i only have a K&D 2000 marnine dyno, when that 4 barrel hit. need a bigger dyno. damm that was fun.. cam and carb kick in around 2900 and she started purring. have 1967 mustang, headers , two 600 holly cabs, cam, 4.11 rear end..have often wonder what a 350 chevy inplace of 289 ford would have been...old ford lover..

68 cavalier
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Re: 350

Post by 68 cavalier » Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:08 pm

Hey 350,, found your post interesting. My woman used to drag race on woodward ave in Detroit back in the early 80's. cash and title for title. she had a 1968 boss 302. Im from the flint area of Michigan, one of my car's I built was a 1974 z-28. an l-82 350. manual 4 speed, 373 gear's. The machine shop did there hocus pocus and so did I. After all these year's we and some people still go around who would take who in the quarter.
Im certain the duo 600's looked impressive, and it was fun to drive,,,,like an old buddy's 1968 customized camero 283 duo quad's.
to your curiosity of the comparison between the two engine's,, think about engine's as air pump's. different bore and stroke,,, cubic inch displacement. different cfm carb's, intake manifold's cam shaft's exhaust manifold's etc. All the variation's are to improve volumetric efficiency's to make horse power. most people just need to get from point a to b.
Im my experience,,, your 289 would do good off the line,,about 30 mph or 35 in first gear the 350 would have more rpm's of torque than the 289. so when you shift to second gear the 350 would have the jump. When the 350 hit second gear it will be in it's sweet spot,, as far as rpm's torque range etc. you had a 411 ratio,, by the time your in 3rd gear ,,your engine will be close to it's maximum volumetric efficiency,, where the 350 hasn't . Im sure when I read my wright up to terry we will go back to arguing weather her boss would have taken my (z) in the quarter or not,,,i used to shift at 7000 rpm,, mike
P.S. you can take the girl outta Detroit ,,,,but you cant take Detroit outta the girl,,,dan ford nut's!!!!!!!,,,

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