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Restoring a Cavalier-where to start?

Leather, Tolex or Russaloid. Linoleum or black rubber matting. If it's in the cockpit or in the cabin, post your questions and answers here.

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Restoring a Cavalier-where to start?

Post by ChrisCav63 » Sun Aug 20, 2017 6:37 pm

HI CCABC Friends

Several years ago, I ‘rescued’ a 1963 CC Cavalier Futura 26’ from a farmer’s field. Surprisingly, the hull was in pretty good shape, no dry rot anywhere. As near as I can tell, almost all the original fittings, cushions, instruments, etc. are still on the boat. The original deck and cockpit sole material was Nautolex. Sadly, the original 283 engine is gone, replaced with a 455 Olds. I’m hoping to place the boat back in service, however, not bring it back to original specs. Too costly and not a good investment on a cruiser. At least that is what I have heard.

I could use your advice on where to start. As you can see, everything needs, sanding, repairing, painting and general updating. I hope to get the boat off its trailer so I can check the keel from both sides. My thought is to start there, repair/replace any fittings or items below the waterline, paint the bottom, and then place the boat back on the trailer.
Then I’m at a loss. I understand the “stripy” Nautolex is no longer made. Are there reproductions available? I’d like to replace the cockpit sole with that if possible. If not, what about fiberglassing the sole? I am also thinking of glassing the deck and cabin top, then painting. It wouldn’t add much weight over the Nautolex. Plus the cabin top could use a bit of strengthening. What about varnishing the stringers, frames etc. for added waterproofing?

Thanks so much.

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