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Windshield pattern

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Windshield pattern

Post by dougz » Sat Jul 15, 2017 5:29 am

Hello - 1941 17' Barrel Back. Does anyone know where I can find a pattern / template for the windshield glass? Thank you,

Doug Z.

Howard Lehman
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Re: Windshield pattern

Post by Howard Lehman » Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:14 pm

Doug, I'm not sure my response will be much help to you. When I had my 1941 17' barrel stern, the boat had different looking glass windshield panes than most others that I saw. However, I realized the originals were long gone, and a former owner had new glass shaped differently, and it didn't look right. The remedy was to look at photos of the same model, and sketch a shape on cardboard for a template. Once I had the top shape that I liked, and the correct lengths and heights, I had to find the correct shape on the bottom of the glass to fit the crown of my boat. I too sketched this onto cardboard until I had the bottom shape that fit. The port side and starboard side weren't exactly the same, so I had to make a template for each side. Once I knew that the top of the glass looked "right" to me, I traced the top and bottom shapes onto plywood, one for port and another for starboard, and labeled each one. After placing them in the windshield frames and confirming that they looked right, I shaped a bevel on the bottom of the glass where it meets the crown of the deck so the bottom of the glass fit correctly onto the deck. Once all looked good, and fit the way I wanted, I took them to a good auto glass shop. I made sure the person who would be cutting the glass understood the bevels, and that the port and starboard side would be a little different at the bottom of the glass. I also made sure it was known that there was no metal frame on the top of the glass, and that it needed to be cut carefully and all sharp edges removed and smoothed. Before I left the shop I made sure each pane looked alike at the top and that the bevels were in the right direction. I then took them home, along with the templates which I saved and kept for the boat if another pane needed to be cut again, which it eventually did. That worked for me with that boat, and others that I have owned and restored. Regards, Howard

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Re: Windshield pattern

Post by tparsons56 » Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:22 am

I am currently having a new piece of glass made for my 1941 19' barrel back and they are using the original pc. of glass as the template. Does anyone know if the glass/windshield of the 17' was the same size as the 19'? If so I can send you a template once I get the glass back.

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