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307QL: Parts and torque

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307QL: Parts and torque

Post by 71Lancer19 » Sat Mar 28, 2015 10:12 pm

I'm getting the motor ready for the season, and removed my motor's pulleys to have them powder coated so rust won't eat my belts. A couple questions that I can't find the answers to...
1- How do I get the pulleys off of the water pump housing and sea water pump? Not sure if this is necessary before getting them coated, but I don't see a good way to remove them.
2- Do I need to replace the sea water pump gasket if it's not torn? I think the answer is yes, but next question is, where can I find it? Having trouble locating the gasket online. Do I need to use any other sealant? I have a parts list that indicates a Sea Water Pump Repair Kit (16.96-00088) but can't find this anywhere, nor can I find a good exploded diagram of the sea water pump.
3- Do I need to replace the circulating water pump to flywheel cover gasket? It looks like a brass gasket, and I left it on the block, because it seems to be in good condition. I'm inclined to leave it there and not replace, since it looks like there's a rubber seal on it in good condition. Do I need to use any sealant or gasket glue here?
4- I can't find any torque specs for the engine. Can anyone help here? I'm looking for torque specs and also when/where to use which loctite/antiseize, etc.

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