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volvo 270 stern drive

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volvo 270 stern drive

Post by wadecon1 » Mon Jul 06, 2020 4:52 pm

Hi folks,
I am trying to learn about the use and care of this type of drive. I have never owned one. Is there a resource for an operators manual? All I can locate online are service manuals. I hope not to need one of those anytime soon 8) ...Thanks in advance.
Chris Wade
1973 23' Chris Craft Lancer 307QLV/Volvo 270
1964 21' Chris Craft Sea Skiff 327

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Re: volvo 270 stern drive

Post by rgmxk22 » Mon May 17, 2021 10:24 pm

Hi, I see your post is almost a year old, and you might have found the info you are looking for, but I just saw this post. But I have a Volvo 270 behind a CC 350FLV and I have collected some books on the drive, such as a Chiltons/Clymer style manual for the drive, Volvo factory service manuals and some CC manuals. But I have not come across just an operator's manual.

The closest thing I have in my collection of books is in some CC books for the engine/outdrive owner's manual has some basic maintenance info like changing the oil and some basic adjustments and such. You could probably find a copy of the CC engine/outdrive manual with a little searching on ebay.

But if you find an original manual, they will specify using 10W30 motor oil as the lube oil in a 270 drive. I used to use Penzoil 10W30 in mine, but since they have removed the Zinc from today's motor oil formulas, I started buying genuine Volvo Penta oil for my drive. My thinking is that maybe today's basic motor oil would be OK, be since it only cost me about 5 extra bucks to buy the Volvo oil at the dealer, I figured that Volvo would sell the right formula to lube things correctly. And a couple extra bucks for 2 quarts of oil is a lot cheaper than rebuilding/replacing the drive.

Ron Michael
1972 CC XK22

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