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XK18, May be a sweetheart of a deal

If it doesn't pertain to metal, fiberglass, wire or fabric—but it is about classic fiberglass Chris-Crafts, ask your question or give your advice here.

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XK18, May be a sweetheart of a deal

Post by dustoff135 » Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:19 am

Hi everyone,

For the few of you that I have been in touch with for the past couple of years, I am back in the USA. Specifically, in the Houston area for a couple of weeks. I am doing some training for my new job and then will be working in southern LA, but most likely living in the Atlanta area.
So, sitting in the hotel room last night, I realized I had not done a local search for cool Chris Crafts. Five minutes later, I found a potential winner, trying to get more info at this time. I hate that I did not think of this earlier, because I am probably no more than twenty minutes from this thing.

Here is the link.

I am trying to get more info via email right now and will try to take a look at it for any interested parties. However, my time here is very limited and not sure it will happen. Regardless, if the parts are there, the price seems right if not downright cheap.
Best of luck, and spread this around, a true classic in need of a good home. I do not currently have a home and will be too busy with the new job to deal with a project.


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