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Bendix 14 Autopilot

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Bendix 14 Autopilot

Post by ppeters48 » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:55 am

Does anyone have experience with the steering set up that goes through the BenMar. On my 42 SC the wheel is chain driven to the autopilot module and out through a control arm to the linkage that controls the rudders. After my surveyor " freed up the steering for me" I have no helm. The chain sprocket on the Benmar turns but the control arm does not move. Presently there is no Power to the unit, is that required to engage a clutch, or did he break something inside the unit? The initial problem was that the linkage at the rudders was frozen and he forced the wheel. I really could use some help on this. Oh and of course you have to be an elf to get to the unit to take it out.
Thanks Phil

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