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1966 Corsair original emblem colors

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1966 Corsair original emblem colors

Post by [email protected] » Sun Jun 16, 2024 7:35 pm

Hello all, I have a 1966 Chris Craft 175 fiberglass sport v transdrive. Boat is in great shape and all original, I just found the original matching right and left metal alloy emblems that say Chris-Craft Corsair. These have been painted a few times and I plan to strip them to bare metal. I am unsure if they originally had coloration. Does anyone know if they were bare alloy or painted? I have not had luck finding a picture with sufficient coloration to be able to tell. Nor has there been a pristine example for sale to be sure.

Thanks for your thoughts. Oh, and my boat is dark blue with the white upper transom/gunnal stripe. Thx.

Also I am writing more because I’m getting a message that I have two few characters, which seems odd as I don’t know how many characters are required.

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