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From Archive: Chris-Craft Models Overview by Don Ayers

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From Archive: Chris-Craft Models Overview by Don Ayers

Post by Club Archivist » Fri Jul 28, 2006 7:18 pm


Glad to help you find that special boat. Here are your choices of the
production boats both pre-war and post-war. I have listed them in numerical
order as to the perceived value and collectability. These are just my
observations from years of watching the wooden boat market.

Pre-war 18'-20' Runabout
1. 19' Custom 1939-42
2. 19' Custom 1935-38*
3. 20' Runabout 1930-31*
4. 18' Deluxe 1934-36
5. 18' Runabout 1932-35
*Number 2 & 3 are pretty close. They are very different styles.

Post-war 18'-21' Runabout
1. 21' Cobra 1955
2. 18' Cobra 1955
3. 19' Racer 1948-54
4. 20' Custom 1946-49
5. 21' Capri 1955-56
6. 21' Capri 1957-59
7. 20' Riviera 1950-54
8. 19' Capri 1955-58
9. 19' Capri 1960-61
10. 18' Riviera 1950-54
11. 18' Capri 1959

Many of the above models may have close values. Beauty is in the eye of the
beholder and a major factor in value is the quality of restoration, which is
a very difficult part of our hobby. To a novice a boat might look great,
but to someone who has been around it might reveal many faults and
inconsistencies with regards to authentic. I try to encourage individuals
to look for that special model that speaks to them personally and then
consider the value second. Investment buying is pretty straight forward.
You simply look for the boats with the highest selling value.

All of the boats above are unique and have wonderful lines, the choice is up
to you. I'm just thankful that Chris had so many years of production and
always tried to keep to the style of the times.
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