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Windshield Replacement

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Windshield Replacement

Post by drbill » Mon Sep 29, 2014 4:33 pm

A couple of weeks ago I had a crisis in my world. I was taking my 22' Chris~Craft Sportsman Sedan out of our bay in Hebgen Lake, MT when a microburst blew me into my 1968 Tollycraft Sportabout. The Tollycraft's windshield was smashed. Moderate damage was done to the gunnel and deck of the Tollycraft and the Chris~Craft suffered some long scratches on the port side. The windshield frame seems intact except for a very slight bend in the first four inches on the side struck. Thus far I have been unable to find a glass windshield for the Tollycraft. Al Schinnerer said he stocks aircraft-grade Plexiglas panel, but doesn't know of a source for a glass one. It was made by Taylor. They have not responded to an email as yet but hope springs eternal. al did say that this same (72 inches wide) windshield was also used on several Chris models, and it was used on two models by Tollycraft from 1961 through 1966.

I have also been told that sometimes when you replace a windshield of glass this old it may crumble from the stress of being bolted down to the deck. I know that Plexiglas will scratch. Does anyone have any thoughts on the matter? I would appreciate any light shed on the subject. I bought the Tollycraft in 1970 when Robert Redford turned it in on a larger boat for his ski resort. I got a steal or I couldn't have afforded it, as I was still paying off debt and had been in practice just a couple of years. It has been my baby ever since, and I would like to keep her original if at all possible. Thanks. WRS

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