Pair of 1955 Hercules ML engines with transmissions – complete

Location: Coeur d Alene, Idaho

I am offering 2 fully functional matching engines and transmissions (one is counter rotating).  I removed them from my boat this winter to re-power my 1955 30’ Capitan.  I’ve owned the boat for 10 years and the motors never failed me - last summer they ran just fine.  They don’t burn oil, but I am assuming whoever buys them will rebuild them before installing them in their boat.  The transmissions are “Chris o matics” that were hydraulically controlled.  I have heard they can be manually controlled also.  I don’t know what these are worth so I will entertain all offers.  I just don’t want to store them forever thinking they will add value to the boat when my heirs sell my boat.  I will include all of the supporting hardware such as hydraulic pumps, starters, etc….  Email me at [email protected] or text me at 509 994-9275.  I tried to load pictures, but the website doesn’t display them. I listed these on EBay at  

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