1941 25’ Chris-Craft USCG Utility Boat (could be a 1934 26’ Family Cruiser..)

Location: East Tawas, Michigan

I will consider donating this boat to a registered 501(c)(3) charity.  I was asking $20,000 for the boat, and would consider that the value of the donation.  I want to see this boat get restored and displayed.  Contact me with your proposal. This was sold to me as a 1941 USCG boat.  I couldn't find a hull number, nor a production record for this boat.  It appears to be a 1934 Chris 26ft Family Cruiser.  It's entirely possible that at the start of WWII, Chris used leftover parts from 1934 Family Cruisers to build this boat for the USCG.  The boat has been in Michigan it's entire life.  The boat has been in indoor storage for the past 70+ years. It has the 6 cylinder engine on a pallet, ready for reinstallation.  The hull is solid, and I can find no damage, rot, or anything to do on the hull.  The transom is similarly solid.  The cabin top is solid, and still has the original canvas on the top. There is no helm station, but I do have the shifting lever (brass, maybe 3 ft length), and the shifting rod to the transmission.  I have a couple of small boxes of parts that came with the boat - I gathered everything I could find when I bought it. The boat is in our warehouse, sitting on a roller trailer.  The trailer is sufficient to store the boat, but would need some work if you intend to pull it over the road - lights, tires, brakes, etc.  The trailer does not go with the boat, but if you want to use it to move the boat, I'm OK if you want to fix up the lights, brakes and maybe put better tires on it to make the trip. I'm sad to say that I'm not going to get to finish the restoration on this boat.  I needs the engine put back in.  It needs an interior following the 1934 Chris Family Cruiser layout if you like; or, finishing with benches as a USCG Utility boat.  You can choose how you want to finish it out.  I've not seen another one of these at the wooden boat shows, so I suspect this may be the last of it's kind.  It probably should be finished, then put in a museum (or taken to wooden boat shows). Lee (571) 332-1710   Thanks for reading my ad.  Lee

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