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Advertising in the Brass Bell

Print Advertising in The Brass Bell

The Brass Bell is a publication of the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club. As the flagship publication for the antique and classic boat niche, circulation to Club members is nearly 2,500 copies, with an additional 500 of each issue distributed to prospective members at boat shows, special events and other locations. The Brass Bell is distributed quarterly (first, second, third and fourth quarter) as both a printed and online magazine to its members. Our members are in all 50 states and in five continents with the vast majority residing in the continental U.S. The largest concentration is in boating states such as Michigan, New York, California, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

In addition to advertising in The Brass Bell, advertisers are listed on the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club website and have the option of online banner advertising (see below). Online listings consist of a brief description, contact information and a link to the advertiser’s site.

The Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club is growing rapidly — currently averaging five new members per week. This means your ad will reach more vintage boating enthusiasts with each quarter that passes.

We control the quality of the reader experience of The Brass Bell by managing a strict ratio of content to advertising. We currently have three ad sizes available: Quarter Page Vertical, Half Page Horizontal, and Full Page. The One Time Rate is for a single insertion in a single issue. The Four Time Rate is for four consecutive issues. The Four Time Rate is equivalent to the Single Issue Rate multiplied times four, minus 20%. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, and it is required to lock-in your advertising space.

The Brass Bell PLUS Online Banner Advertising

Increase your reach by adding online banner publicity to your Brass Bell advertising. Boat Buzz, the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club’s online discussion forum, is the leading discussion forum in the vintage boat avocation. Members and non-members view our forum daily to exchange information, share resources, and research.

Visit our popular Boat Buzz forum here: http://chris-craft.org/discussion/index.php

Boat Buzz banner ads can be combined with Brass Bell print ads to maximize your reach to our members and extend exposure to additional audiences. Your online banner ad will rotate at the side of the Boat Buzz Home page and all main Topic pages of our popular forum.

(Banner advertising is not offered separately.)

For our pricing and material specifications, please download a PDF of our advertising information by clicking HERE.

Questions? Contact Lorraine Negley at Catalyst Communications - 773-878-1940 or LN@catalystchicago.com