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Paragon 25 XE Transmission Question

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Paragon 25 XE Transmission Question

Post by CGSinkovitz » Tue Oct 05, 2021 1:15 pm

Hi all-
I have a Paragon 25 XE transmission for my CC 283 engine (it is a spare transmission I inherited) and I decided to inspect/rebuild the unit (I just retired so I have time to mess around with this stuff for my 1959 Sportsman....). Very interesting taking it apart! With an exploded view diagram and the service manual manual it took about an hour. So now I see why it was not in service as the clutch pack had some issues. The steel plates were cupped substantially; and, my research says they need to be flat (as do the bronze plates). Running down various parts I have heard "not made any more" more than several times concerning the plates. With proper OD/ID measurements (including the internal notches for clutch plate carrier drive unit), these can be laser cut quite easily. The thickness comes in around .073"; which flat steel is easily obtainable. However, what kind of steel did Paragon use? Cold rolled? Tempered, tool steel, etc.?? So that is my question. Anyone have some insight on this? I can say they are very magnetic...


ps: the visible lines on the circumference are shadow marks from a bronze plate.

See photo:

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Re: Paragon 25 XE Transmission Question

Post by srlittin » Sat Oct 16, 2021 8:06 pm

I have had similar plates cut for automotive clutches and truck clutches. I would not recommend Laser cutting as this tends to harden the cut area and creates distortion due to heat stress. We tend now to water jet cut these as this is a cold abrasive type of cut.
For material I would use surface ground 4140 chrome Molly annealed flat stock, and bring to final thickness following cutting.
Steve L

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