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1931 Model 199 - Generator Cut-out to Ammeter

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:17 pm
by russ model 199
Trying to be sure that I do not "fry" something in the process of re-wiring. The Wiring Diagram is shown below and I will add the generator cut-out following. My question is to which terminal should the wire out of the generator be attached? I am guessing that the nomenclature on the cut-out references use for either/or negative/positive ground. This is a negative ground 12v conversion so the bottom notation for "arm" and "bat" should apply. So my guess is that the wire out of the generator is the armature and the terminal with the + (I added the black marker in case the stamped + did not show in the pic). Part of my confusion come from following the + wire from the battery to the starter to the ammeter. That is all +. So if the + from the generator cut-out goes to the other ammeter terminal there are two +'s on the ammeter. Is that okay?

Second, the wire diagram shows a fuse in the line from starter to ammeter. What size should that be?

Hope the attachments are big enough to read. I did not want to overwhelm the system.


Re: 1931 Model 199 - Generator Cut-out to Ammeter

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 4:19 pm
by russ model 199
Generator Cut-Out picture for prior message. Not sure why it posts horizontally. It is saved vertically.

Re: 1931 Model 199 - Generator Cut-out to Ammeter

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 1:37 pm
by Denis D

Here is my response to your question on the Danenberg forum, I will add that the purpose of the ammeter in this circuit is to show the current flow between the generator and the battery which is why both wires are +:

I would follow the connections described on the label. In your photo you have the Arm wire connected to the correct terminal based on the "Neg Gnd" markings on the label. So based on that, your Ammeter wire should go on the other terminal which is labeled as "Bat". That wire in effect goes to the Battery through the ammeter.

As far as the fuse marking, is there actually a fuse holder in that line because that is not a fuse symbol and note there is no arrow on the end of the line under the word "fuse" as used elsewhere on the schematic. It appears to show a connection off that line to some other circuit that they never illustrated.

Just my .02, hope this helps,

Denis D

Re: 1931 Model 199 - Generator Cut-out to Ammeter

Posted: Fri Sep 08, 2017 5:31 pm
by russ model 199

Thank you again for the reply. The additional comment that both ammeter terminals are + answers my question. I think I kind of get it that the ammeter measures the direction (and "volume") of the current flow through the + wire and not a differential + -. I appreciate the clarification and feel "good to go".

There is a really small (short) fuse nestled next to where the armature wire exits the generator. It is painted over so I cannot identify its capacity. I will ignore the (maybe) fuse location shown on the wire diagram between the ammeter and the starter button unless I hear something to the contrary.

Thanks again for the info and for your dedication to monitoring both sites.