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Replacing a wiring harness

Your old Chris-Craft electrical system can be a challenge. If it runs on "juice" pose your questions and offer your advice here.

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Replacing a wiring harness

Post by donald.stahl » Thu Sep 15, 2022 1:54 pm

I have a '59 17' Ski/Utility and the wiring is pretty simple but the harness itself is in "meh" shape. Several of the wires are too short, I don't really trust the insulation on any of them, and ideally I'd like to put a modern fuse block in as opposed to the older inline fuses.

I have the wiring diagram for the boat, and obviously I can copy the existing harness- but I'd love any recommendations people might have. For example- companies that build complete harnesses- or good places to pick up wiring, connectors, and blocks- or just any other useful suggestions.

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