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Minutes of Board Meeting January 18, 2016

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Minutes of Board Meeting January 18, 2016

Post by Al Benton » Mon Feb 01, 2016 12:53 pm

Chris Craft Antique Boat Club (CCABC)

Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting (telephonic)
18 January 2016

The meeting was called to order by President Al Benton at 8pm EST

All Officers and Directors were present.
Present: Al Benton, Robert Macaluso, Andy Riggs, Jeff Rogers, BK Powell, Donald Ploetner, Troy Hersom. Jim Frechette, VP & Interim Managing Editor was also present.

The first call to business was to approve the 16 September 2015 BOD meeting minutes. The BOD approved the minutes as submitted.

Treasurer Andy Riggs presented his financial report.
A. Club finances are being switched to Chase Bank due to lack of Bank of America facilities in the Cincinnati, OH area. Two signatures will be required on all funds that leave the account.
B. As of 31 December 2015 the CCABC had $60,103.19 cash on hand. The 2015 Profit and Loss Statement showed an end of year (2015) net profit of $19,341.70. We still have some receivables to collect from 2015.

Action Item:
(1) Collect outstanding receivables
Action Officers: Andy Riggs, Al Benton
Estimated Completion Date: March 2016
Status: Open

Vice President Jim Frechette made an appeal to the BOD for help in his assignment as Interim Managing Editor of The Brass Bell.

A. Brass Bell will be published on schedule.
B. The BOD committed itself to finding additional topic and author suggestions for Brass Bell articles.
C. BOD agreed to establish a committee to locate and select a new permanent editor for the Brass Bell. Committee chair Jeff Rogers; Committee members Robert Macaluso and Jim Frechette.
D. BOD tasked publication committee to create a Job Description for a new Managing Editor for use in both advertising the position and screening candidates.

Action Items:
(1) Create Brass Bell Managing Editor Job Description
(2) Select new Managing Editor
Action Officers: Jeff Rogers, Robert Macaluso, Jim Frechette
Estimated Completion Date: 1 July 2016
Status: Open

President Al Benton cited the excellent Long Term Planning Report previously submitted by Jeff Rogers. He asked all BOD members to review the report so as to allow a meaningful discussion at our next face-to-face BOD meeting 18-20 March 2016 at the Tavares Boat Show.

Action Item:
(1) Review the Long Range Planning Document
Action Officers: All BOD members
Estimated Completion Date: 18 March 2016
Status: Open

BOD Director BK Powell reported good participation by Club members in support of this program.
A. Volunteers display a "Chris Craft Antique Boat Club" banner at selected boat shows to solicit club membership. The CCABC owns and supplies the banners on a loan basis.
B. CCABC provides a "Best Chris Craft" award at selected shows and asks for some free advertising booth space in return to highlight the Club.
C. We are unsure of just how many banners we now possess and their current locations.
D. We are having difficulty with banner returns by the Ambassadors post show.

Action Items:
(1) Locate and inventory banners
(2) Purchase additional banners to bring our club inventory to 10
(3) Institute a prepaid postage label program and sign out/sign in system to control banner location
Action Officer: BK Powell
Estimated Completion Date: 18 March 2016
Status: Open

BOD Director Donald Ploetner reports

A. The CCABC current Sponsorship Program was discussed in executive session.

B. Disneyworld was still interested in hosting an Antique Boat Exhibition on site in one of their manmade lakes possibly in October 2016 but to date the details are sketchy. There are several sites on the property where we could display. Ongoing communication is needed.
C. The Mariners' Museum location show that did not happen in 2015 is still a possibility but again the details are unknown at this time.
D. The annual CCABC membership meeting is firmly scheduled in the "big tent" on Saturday 19 March 2016 at the Tavares, FL show. Item Closed.

Action Items:
(1) Continue dialogue with Disney about a possible Orlando location show in October 2016.
(2) Continue dialogue with both the Mariners' Museum and the Chesapeake area members about a potential in the water show. Date unknown.
(3) Schedule annual CCABC members meeting. Item Closed.
Action Officers: Don Ploetner, BK Powell (annual meeting refreshments)
Estimated Completion Date: (1) October 2016, (2) Unknown, (3) Closed
Status: (1) Open, (2) Open, (3) Closed

The 18 January 2016 BOD meeting of the CCABC BOD was closed by President Al Benton at 9:32 pm EST.

Respectfully Submitted
Robert T. Macaluso
Secretary, CCABC
Member - Executive Team

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