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Table of Offsets 1956 17' Sportsman

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Table of Offsets 1956 17' Sportsman

Post by [email protected] » Wed Dec 22, 2021 2:10 pm

I have a couple questions about the table of offsets for a 1956 17' Sportsman.

1. Heights from Rabbet - where exactly is the Rabbet measurement? I assume somewhere on the keel.

2.Buttock-15" - I assumed this is 15" from the keel centerline, but the measurements don't seem to jive with the existing frames.

3. Frame Symmetry - the existing frames do not appear to be symmetric side to side. I think they should be. The problem I have is knowing which side is right. If I can figure out the Buttock height, I should be able to determine the correct frame shape.

Any help with this would be very helpful.



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