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1988 Chris-Craft Amerosport 320

Are you in need of information regarding "the way it was?" Or are you are a walking "who's-who" of Chris-Craft fiberglass boats? Share what you don't know—or do know here.

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1988 Chris-Craft Amerosport 320

Post by rjarvais » Wed Nov 18, 2015 10:53 pm

Hey All
Im not sure where to post this question on these forums, Im new to boating and I have purchased a 1988 Murray Chris-Craft
Amerosport 320 in pretty nice condition it has twin Crusaders 270hp each. Im needing a manual or something to help me learn
about this boat. I haven't been able to find hardly anything on this boat on the internet, not really concerned about the engines as im familiar with small block chevys but the rest of the boat is a big mystery. Would appreciate any help, I am willing to pay
for any manuals or documentation on this boat. Thanks Roy

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Re: 1988 Chris-Craft Amerosport 320

Post by drrot » Thu Nov 19, 2015 6:22 pm

Jim Staib

1947 Penn Yan 12' Cartopper WXH474611
1950 Chris-Craft 22' Sportsman U-22-1532
1957 Chris-Craft 26' Sea Skiff SK-26-515
1968 Century 17' Resorter FG-68-174

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Re: 1988 Chris-Craft Amerosport 320

Post by ice nine » Fri Nov 20, 2015 2:13 pm

there is a small forum on Maybe one of the owners on the forum would make a copy for you?? You may also try to discuss with a broker if you see one for sale on yachtworld. I would suspect a broker may help you out, for a small fee of course???

The only other option you would have is to have it surveyed by a NAMS and/or SAMS accredited marine surveyor. Your bank may have already required one if you took out a loan.

This survey is worth it's weight in gold. You will find out things that a manual would never tell you. Namely the condition of your boat, and if there is anything in need of repair.

good luck!


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