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Question about european 30' Express Cruiser

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Question about european 30' Express Cruiser

Post by charmanta » Sun Jan 25, 2009 6:26 am

i am proud owner of an CC Express Cruiser for which i cannot find usable information.
The european version has the cockpit on the right side and is equipped with two FIAT AIFO diesel engines with each 115 HP.
The hull numbers are above the max hull ids mentioned in the "CC Essential Guide" from Jerry Conrad and a plate says that the ship was built in italy. I was told that my vessel was built in 1978 ... but i like to confirm this.
I am looking for information about the maximum speed of the boat with other engines ( mine runs about 17 Kn ), infos about the engines ( i think there is no internet in italy ... i can find nothing about these 806am machines :? ) ... and perhaps infos with people who also refitted their ECs.

You can find my vessel here: ... oat_id=991

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Paul P
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Post by Paul P » Thu Oct 20, 2011 12:33 pm

Hello so far I have not found any specific data for your specific boat but I have seen quite a few photos of this model, including one in Malta that has reported in. It (as most in the Mediterranean did) has diesel power too.

I did find some info from the 31' Italian version, and it is one foot longer than yours perhaps more beam too, and more weight, but at least there is something here for discussion.

due diesel con stabilizzatori d'assetto Cruise Control, montati di serie garantiscono 50 economicissimi km/h

or in English

two diesel with stabilizers of order Cruise Control, ascended of series guarantee 50 economical km/h

This equates to 31 miles per hour and this was with a pair of 145 hp diesels. Unfortunately my info does not indicate if these were Perkins or Fiat diesels and CC Italy used both.

Just doing a math ratio on the 31' hull comparing 115 compared to 145 brings up a 25-mph speed, possibly faster if your hull is lighter.

I found some info on the Italian 30' Futura, with diesel power and it calls out a 25-mph speed, so that may well be with the 115 Fiat motors. Top speed is not the measure of a good boat anyway, most often just used for bragging rights around the bar.


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