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1941 18' Deluxe Utility Gauge Installation

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1941 18' Deluxe Utility Gauge Installation

Post by Ravenswood » Fri Feb 21, 2020 12:01 pm

I've just had all the gauges on my 1941 18' Deluxe Utility redone by Mark Clawson. They're beautiful!
Anyway, now it's time to reinstall them. Can anybody provide guidance and/or images on running the copper tube for the water temperature gauge in the original manner in which it was installed? When I removed it, the tube was a basic rat's nest behind the instrument panel, then ran down the inboard side of the port stringer, then over the top of the cylinder head.
My understanding is that it should go down the stringer and then under the engine, looping around the outside of the starter and generator and then into the engine block. Is that correct?
It's supposed to be stapled to the port stringer, what about when it goes under the engine? Any more staples there?
Anything else that supports it as it goes up the stbd side of the engine?
Once it leaves the stringer and heads towards the dashboard, any additional staples or other support points?
The tubing is in a generic length according to Mark Clawson. Obviously you can't cut it to length? What do you do with the extra?
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Re: 1941 18' Deluxe Utility Gauge Installation

Post by Don Vogt » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:36 am

Hi al, sent you a pm.
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