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283 Chris Craft Engine Valve Covers Replacement

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Richard Booth
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283 Chris Craft Engine Valve Covers Replacement

Post by Richard Booth » Sun May 16, 2021 4:50 pm

We own a 1948 Chris Craft Custom. As it’s verbal history goes, the original MBL engine was damaged beyond repair due to improper winterizing. The original engine was replace by a Chris Craft 283. Complicating the story, the replacement engine was overbored to a 327 or 350 ? Since there is little need for authenticity here, we would like to replace the valve covers with polished aluminum ones. When ordering the new valve covers, what manufacturer should be specified? Thank you in Advance

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Re: 283 Chris Craft Engine Valve Covers Replacement

Post by brian.david.roberts » Wed Aug 18, 2021 10:18 am

I'm a little bit late on the reply, but...
I think I read that the 283 were a chevy small block? If that is the case, any one of those might work. I know they have tall and short style, and they have perimeter and centerbolt style. From looking at photos the 283 ones look to be the perimeter bolt ones.

If that is the case, you can find lots at places like Summit Racing, Classic Industries, Speedway Motors, and places like that.

Do you still have both of your postwar Customs? I assume this is for one of those? I am 99% sure I have what is left of R-20-079, although I would have to basically rebuild the hull from scratch. I'm down the road in Durham (Bahama, actually), and I would love to see an ACTUAL Custom (that is not all hacked up) in person. I take my other boat (not a woodie) out to Hyco and Falls sometimes; not sure where you keep yours but if you're out one day, maybe I can meet you on the lake!

Also, I know a guy that has an M if you thought about going to back to original-ish.

Brian Roberts

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