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1938 "Chris Craft Utility" decal

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1938 "Chris Craft Utility" decal

Post by woodyboater » Sun Aug 27, 2017 4:50 pm

My wife and I are restoring a boat we purchased last fall. It is a 1938 17" "Utility Deluxe". We are in the process of working with a graphic shop for the decals. I am trying to nail down the proper logo ours would have. I have seen two different designs. One with utility underlined and one without. Both prewar. The underlined one also had hyphens at each end of utility. If some someone could help us and get us on course( so to speak), that would be great. A picture or two would be even better of our graphic shop. Our hull # is 17176. As of last fall the Mariners Museum was still under construction. I have not reached out to them recently.

Thanks Glenn and Donah.

Email address is [email protected]

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