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‘41 16ft runabout: Anchor guide fairlead?

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‘41 16ft runabout: Anchor guide fairlead?

Post by NORTHJOE » Thu Apr 30, 2020 12:30 am

I wasn’t really sure if they should go in the hardware section or research section. So I went with research because I’m trying to figure out what I need.

I’m creating a list of the hardware that I need and the two major pieces I’m missing is the correct bow light and the anchor-guide/breastplate? I’m not really sure of the correct term for that item. I’ve read some people referencing casting numbers?

I think I’ve got the bow light sorted by looking at photos from the registry. Looks like I need the smaller drum light with the screw on the front vertical divider.

I’m at a loss on the fairlead part. I purchased the one below thinking that worst case scenario I could do some cutting and grinding to massage it into one that looks correct. Are people known to loan pieces like this out to do a mold from?

Also in the photo is a bow light that came with the boat. Any guidance on what it would have been fitted to?
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Re: ‘41 16ft runabout: Anchor guide fairlead?

Post by Don Vogt » Thu Apr 30, 2020 8:31 am

hi Joe, a couple of suggestions for you. if you havent yet, i think it might be useful for you to join they produce a directory that includes a listing of people who have your model. most likely there is someone nearby who can help you with the many questions you will likely have. also there would be a chapter in your area with nice people who would be happy to help you figure things out. many other benefits, too, of joining.

Just because sgomething came with the boat when you bought it doesnt make it correct. gernerally the smaller runabout had smaller scale hardware than, say the more popular 17' runabout, etc. As to fairleader/bow plate, you might check with al schinnerer of california classic boats or jim staib as to sources of needed hardware. I believe the 16' runabout had the round bow light rather than the more streamlined version on the larger boats.
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