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Bill Baldwin's Final Project Boat

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Bill Baldwin's Final Project Boat

Post by JimF » Thu Mar 24, 2016 3:03 pm

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cruisers 1.jpg
Not only was Bill active in the CCABC but he was also a member of the Wooden Boat Association of North Texas in Dallas, his winter home. That club is fortunate enough to have a facility where members have space to work on their boats and just generally hang out. Bill kept a project boat there that he would work on from time to time but he mostly liked being amongst his friends.

He had been working on a 1962 Cruisers outboard boat at the time he passed away but he never completed the restoration or planned to. His widow, Pat and the WBA have decided to go ahead and finish the boat and then offer it for sale, splitting the proceeds. There is a new trailer but no outboard motor. The boat has probably more sentimental value than actual value but Pat thought that it should be offered first to members of the club who might have been friends with Bill or be otherwise interested in the boat.

If you are interested, please contact David Kanally at [email protected] for more information
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