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The Brass Bell

Turn through an interactive online issue of the Brass Bell magazine.

Welcome to The Brass Bell, Celebrating over 40 years in Publication!

The Brass Bell is the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club magazine, and is a benefit of Club membership. An extremely high-quality publication, The Brass Bell is the flagship publication for the antique and classic boat niche.

Circulation to Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club members is nearly 2,500 copies, with an additional 500 of each issue distributed to prospective members, at boat shows, and at special events and locations. The Brass Bell is distributed quarterly.

Each issue is full of stories, photographs, and historical documentation targeted specifically to the classic boat enthusiast. Current Chris-Craft topics are covered in "Beacon." Chris-Craft models of all types are reviewed in "Retropsective." "Profile" introduces you to other club members, and features such as "Woodsmith," and "Purist," help guide you in your restoration or preservation efforts.

As well, each issue features Letters, and other stories of interest to any antique and classic boat enthusiast.

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Here are some highlights from a typical Brass Bell:

Retrospective Don Ayers reviews the 1936-1937 Chris-Craft 19-foot Special Race Boat, an innovative and progressive boat that set many boating records prior to World War II.

"Brightening the Brightwork," by Seb Borrello, explains some of the best varnishing techniques.

James Bullbrook, discusses hull bottom renovation, including plank replacement, refastening, and applying bottom paint in "Navigating the Waters of Bottom Restoration."

Take the Helm Each issue of The Brass Bell puts Terry Fiest at the helm in an unusual watercraft. In this issue he discusses one of his favorites, the 1955 Cobra. From specifications to handling, Terry delivers a review of a very impressive and popular little boat.

The Brass Bell is continuously making strides to benefit our readers. Join the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club today, and The Brass Bell will greet you at your mailbox every quarter.