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New Directors

December 1st 2014

Fellow Members:

Please welcome members Robert Macaluso, BK Powell and Don Ploetner as new Directors For 2015 & 2016.  They were recently elected to serve as Directors of the Chris-Craft Antiuqe Boat Club for 2-year terms. They, along with our present Directors are looking forward to serving the Club as we continue to work toward making improvements. This coming year we expect to make great progress in improving our website among other priority items. 

We are very proud to announce that our Mangling Editor, Bill Baldwin has been appointed by the Board of Directors as our first ever Honorary Director. This position was created by the BOD to honor present (and future) Club Leaders for their exemplary service to the Club and whose present duties are critical to the wellbeing and successful continuation of the Club. As many of you know, Bill Baldwin has been the Managing Editor of The Brass Bell since 2005 and has developed this magazine into a highly sought after first class quarterly publication which is second to none in our avocation. Bill is most certainly deserved of this honor, and much more. 

Your Board of Directors for 2015 includes the following members in good standing; Elected Directors Paul Harrison, Jeff Rogers, Jim Frechette, Al Benton, Robert Macaluso, BK Powell and Don Ploetner, and Honorary Director Bill Baldwin. Outgoing Directors Don Ayers and Gerry VandeVusse deserve a huge Thank You from all of us for their hard work over the past few years. 

As you may have read in The Brass Bell - Issue 4-2014, President's Message, Don Ayers will step down as President of the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club on December 31st. He has lead the Club from almost certain demise in early 2012 to an organization with a governance structure that can endure indefinitely. For this we thank you, Don Ayers! 

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New Directors

Posted By: Al Benton on December 1, 2014

Please welcome newly elected Directors Robert Macaluso, BK Powell, and Don Ploetner to your Board of Directors for 2015. The present board looks forward to working with them in carrying out the business for the Chris-Craft Antique Boat Club next year and beyond.

Also see the new Ann...

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Keep your Club Account Up To Date

Posted By: Al Benton on October 23, 2014

Fellow Members:

It's important to keep your email address, mailing address and phone number up to date. If you recently changed any of them, or have a different winter address, please go to http://www.chris-craft...

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New Member from Lithuania

Posted By: Al Benton on October 9, 2014

Thank you for the kind welcoming words. We are very pleased to be a part of this club.
For our European colleagues, feel free to use our restoration services, we are very happy to take up any job regarding classic boat restoration, especially if it is a classic chris-craft.

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Trading Dock!!!! Check Often

Posted By: Don Ayers on June 16, 2014

Love that 1938 Sportsman! A steal at that price.

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Election of 2015 Directors

Posted By: Al Benton on September 16, 2014

Al, you are right that there are lots of challenges in running a club like ours. I think doing something along the lines I suggest will dispel completely the idea that there is a cabal trying to maintain control of the club. As we both know, in truth, clubs like ours are usually desperately looki...

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